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Notebook DC power jack for HP Pavilion: G7000 Series

Item No. LPJ050165
€ 4,82
incl. tax
Up to 14 Days Low stock >50 units
This product cannot be ordered at the moment.
Brand / Manufacturer HP
Details "HP Pavilion: G7000 Series HP Pavilion DV2000 Series Compaq Presario V3000 series "
Condition New product
Garantietermijn 1 Year Carry-In
Description "This power jack is applicable to the following laptop model: HP Pavilion: G7000 Series HP Pavilion DV2000 Series: DV2000, DV2000T, DV2000Z, DV2001TU, DV2001TX, DV2001XX, DV2002TU, DV2002TX, DV2002XX, DV2003EA, DV2003TU, DV2003TX, DV2004EA, DV2004TU, DV2004TX, DV2004XX, DV2005EA, DV2005TU, DV2005TX, DV2005XX, DV2006EA, DV2006TU, DV2006TX, DV2006XX, DV2007EA, DV2007TU, DV2007TX, DV2008EA, DV2008TU, DV2008TX, DV2009EA, DV2009TU, DV2009TX, DV2009XX, DV2010EA, DV2010TU, DV2010TX, DV2011EA, DV2011TU, DV2011TX, DV2012EA, DV2012TU, DV2012TX, DV2013EA, DV2013TU, DV2013TX, DV2014EA, DV2014TU, DV2014TX, DV2015EA, DV2015NR, DV2015TU, DV2015TX, DV2016EA, DV2016TU, DV2016TX, DV2017EA, DV2017TU, DV2017TX, DV2018EA, DV2018TU, DV2018TX, DV2019EA, DV2019TU, DV2019TX, DV2020CA, DV2020EA, DV2020TU, DV2020TX, DV2020US, DV2021TU, DV2021TX, DV2022TU, DV2023TU, DV2024TU, DV2024TX, DV2025LA, DV2025NR, DV2025TU, DV2025TX, DV2026TU, DV2026TX, DV2027TU, DV2027TX, DV2028EA, DV2028TU, DV2028TX, DV2029EA, DV2029TU, DV2029TX, DV2030EA, DV2030TU, DV2030TX, DV2031EA, DV2031TU, DV2031TX, DV2032EA, DV2032TU, DV2032TX, DV2033EA, DV2033TU, DV2033TX, DV2034EA, DV2034TU, DV2034TX, DV2035EA, DV2035LA, DV2035TU, DV2035TX, DV2035US, DV2036EA, DV2036TU, DV2036TX, DV2037TU, DV2037TX, DV2037US, DV2038TU, DV2038TX, DV2039TU, DV2039TX, DV2040CA, DV2040TU, DV2040TX, DV2040US, DV2041TU, DV2041TX, DV2042TU, DV2042TX, DV2043TU, DV2043TX, DV2044TU, DV2044TX, DV2045EA, DV2045TU, DV2046TU, DV2046TX, DV2047CL, DV2047TX, DV2048TX, DV2049TX, DV2050TX, DV2050US, DV2053EA, DV2054EA, DV2055EA, DV2056EA, DV2057EA, DV2058EA, DV2064EA, DV2065EA, DV2080EA, DV2081EA, DV2082EA, DV2083EA, DV2084EA, DV2085EA, DV2088XX, DV2095EA, DV2097EA, DV2098EA, DV2099EA, DV2100, DV2101AU, DV2101EU, DV2101TU, DV2101TX, DV2101XX, DV2102AU, DV2102EU, DV2102TU, DV2102TX, DV2103AU, DV2103EA, DV2103TU, DV2103TX, DV2104AU, DV2104EA, DV2104EU, DV2104TU, DV2104TX, DV2105EA, DV2105TU, DV2105TX, DV2106EA, DV2106EU, DV2106TU, DV2106TX, DV2107TU, DV2107TX, DV2108EA, DV2108TU, DV2108TX, DV2109NR, DV2109TU, DV2109TX, DV2110EU, DV2110TU, DV2110TX, DV2111TU, DV2111TX, DV2112TU, DV2112TX, DV2113TU, DV2113TX, DV2114TX, DV2115EA, DV2115TU, DV2115TX, DV2116EA, DV2116TX, DV2116WM, DV2117TX, DV2118LA, DV2118TX, DV2119TX, DV2120CA, DV2120LA, DV2120TU, DV2120TX, DV2120US, DV2121TU, DV2121TX, DV2122TU, DV2122TX, DV2123EU, DV2123TU, DV2123TX, DV2124TU, DV2124TX, DV2125EA, DV2125LA, DV2125NR, DV2125TU, DV2125TX, DV2126EA, DV2126TU, DV2126TX, DV2127TX, DV2128TX, DV2129EA, DV2129TX, DV2130BR, DV2130EA, DV2130TX, DV2130US, DV2131EA, DV2131TX, DV2132EA, DV2132TX, DV2133EA, DV2133TX, DV2134EA, DV2134TX, DV2135BR, DV2135LA, DV2135TX, DV2136TX, DV2137TX, DV2138TX, DV2138XX, DV2139TX, DV2140BR, DV2140EU, DV2140TX, DV2141EU, DV2141TX, DV2142TX, DV2143TX, DV2144TX, DV2145BR, DV2145TX, DV2146TX, DV2147EA, DV2147TX, DV2148TX, DV2149EA, DV2149TX, DV2150EA, DV2150TX, DV2151EA, DV2151TX, DV2152EA, DV2152TX, DV2153TX, DV2154TX, DV2155TX, DV2156TX, DV2157TX, DV2158TX, DV2159TX, DV2160BR, DV2160TX, DV2161TX, DV2164EU, DV2166EU, DV2171CA, DV2171CL, DV2171EA, DV2172EA, DV2173EA, DV2174CL, DV2174EA, DV2175EA, DV2180EU, DV2184EA, DV2185EA, DV2188EA, DV2190EA, DV2195EU, DV2196EA, DV2197EA, DV2200, DV2200EA, DV2201AU, DV2201CA, DV2201TU, DV2201TX, DV2201XX, DV2202AU, DV2202CA, DV2202TU, DV2202TX, DV2203AU, DV2203TU, DV2203TX, DV2204AU, DV2204TU, DV2204TX, DV2205EA, DV2205TU, DV2205TX, DV2206TU, DV2206TX, DV2207EA, DV2207TU, DV2207TX, DV2208EA, DV2208TU, DV2208TX, DV2209EA, DV2209TU, DV2209TX, DV2210EA, DV2210TU, DV2210TX, DV2210US, DV2211TU, DV2211TX, DV2212TU, DV2212TX, DV2213CA, DV2213CL, DV2213TU, DV2213TX, DV2214TU, DV2214TX, DV2214US, DV2215EA, DV2215TU, DV2215TX, DV2216EA, DV2216TX, DV2217EA, DV2217TX, DV2218TU, DV2218TX, DV2219TX, DV2220LA, DV2220TX, DV2220US, DV2221TX, DV2221US, DV2222EA, DV2222LA, DV2222TX, DV2223TX, DV2224EA, DV2224TX, DV2225LA, DV2225NR, DV2225TX, DV2226EA, DV2226TX, DV2227EA, DV2227TX, DV2235LA, DV2240BR, 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