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SATA 3 Kabel, 6Gbps, 45cm,
Item No. SATA3-4501 156 units
New product
€ 2,37
€ 6,07
SATA 3 Kabel, 6Gbps, 45cm, met 90° connector
Item No. SATA3-4502 120 units
New product
€ 3,11
SATA Data Kabel 50cm (2x 90 Graden hoek)
Item No. SATA05M-ANGL 107 units
New product
€ 1,45
SATA met Molex voeding naar Slimline SATA Kabel
Item No. STS4P01 106 units
New product
€ 6,67
SATA Data Kabel XXL 50cm (1x 90° hoek)
Item No. SATAXL50 79 units
New product
€ 3,81
SATA Data Kabel met Bevestigingsclip XL 50cm (SATA50CLIP)
Item No. SATA50CLIP 77 units
New product
€ 3,81
SAS 29Pin Female to SATA 22 Pin Male Plug Adapter Converter
Item No. SAS29P-SATA22P 43 units
New product
€ 12,03
SATA 15P Supply to 6P Graphics Card Supply Converter
Item No. S1010-15P-6P 38 units
New product
€ 4,21
4-pin SATA Male to SATA FEMALE & MOLEX Cable
Item No. SATA2-MOLEX 11 units
New product
€ 4,61
€ 5,82
SATA extension cable 1 Meter
Item No. SATA-V-1 6 units
New product
€ 5,77

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