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lt4120 LTE/EVDO/HSPA+ SnapdragonT X5 LTE mobile broadband module
Item No. WIFI-WWAN-HQ005 27 units
System pull 800870-001
€ 37,79
LT4210 4G LTE NGFF Mobile Broadband WWAN Card for HP, P/N:845710-003, L15398-001,Pulled
Item No. WIFI-WWAN-HQ006 26 units
OEM System pull 845710-003, L15398-001 HP
€ 82,33
€ 21,45
EM7455 4G LTE NGFF WWAN Card for Lenovo ThinkPad T470 & etc, Pulled [IM002]
Item No. WIFI-WWAN-IM002 10 units
Generic / OEM System pull 00JT547
€ 107,34
ME906E 4G LTE NGFF Mobile Broadband WWAN Card for HP, P/N:704031-001 Pulled
Item No. WIFI-WWAN-HQ003 9 units
HP System pull 704031-001
€ 29,09
Notebook Intel CG82NM10 Chipset Stencil
Item No. SC-INTEL-CG82NM10 7 units
New product
€ 5,19
Intel Dual Band AC9560 802.11AC, 2 WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 for Dell, PN:T0HRM
Item No. WIFI-9560-DL001 5 units
OEM New product T0HRM
€ 13,78
MacBook Pro A1278 MC700 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth en Airport kabel 821-1312
Item No. WIFI-821-1312 3 units
New product A1278, MD700LL, 821-1312, MD314LL
€ 20,40
L850-GL XMM 7360 LTE-Advanced NGFF Mobile WWAN Card for HP, SPS:L15398-001 Pulled
Item No. WIFI-WWAN-HQ004 2 units
OEM System pull 917823-002 HP
€ 67,18
DW5808 4G LTE Mini-PCI Express Mobile Broadband WWAN Card, P/N:1N1FY
Item No. WIFI-DW5808 Low stock
OEM System pull 1N1FY Dell
€ 74,54
Quectel SDX24 EM120R-GL 4G LTE CAT12 PCIE WWAN module, Pulled
Item No. WIFI-WWAN-IM006 14 days delivery
System pull 5W10V25821
€ 89,69
L850-GL 4G LTE NGFF Mobile Broadband WWAN Card for Lenovo, Fru:01AX792 Pulled
Item No. WIFI-WWAN-IM005 14 days delivery
System pull 01AX792
€ 52,26

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