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HDD / SSD Cable

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HDD Connector for HP Elitebook 720 725 G2 820 G1 G2 825 G2 & etc
Item No. HVHQ016 >50 units
HP New product 730539-001
€ 11,66
HDD Cable for Dell Latitude E5450.
Item No. HVDL023 >50 units
Dell New product 8GD6D
€ 13,64
HDD Connector for Dell Latitude E5440/ E5420/ E5520 & ETC
Item No. HVDL009 >50 units
Dell New product C49RW
€ 9,86
HDD Cable for Lenovo ThinkPad T470 & etc.
Item No. HVIM013 >50 units
Lenovo System pull 00UR495
€ 12,80
HDD Cable for HP ProBook 640 650 G1 & etc.
Item No. HVHQ021 >50 units
HP New product 738395-001
€ 15,62
HDD Cable for Dell Latitude E5570 and etc.
Item No. HVDL013 >50 units
Dell New product 4G9GN,04G9GN
€ 10,79
HDD Cable for Dell Latitude E5470/ E5480.
Item No. HVDL022 48 units
Dell New product 80RK8
€ 13,64
HDD Cable for Dell Latitude E5250 & etc.
Item No. HVDL035 37 units
Dell New product HGJHP
€ 19,57
HDD Connector Cable (Right) For Lenovo ThinkPad P50 P51
Item No. HVIM006 29 units
Lenovo New product DC02C007C10
€ 26,69
HDD Connector Cable for Lenovo ThinkPad X270 & etc.
Item No. HVIM011 26 units
Lenovo New product 01LV789/ 01HW968
€ 20,76
SATA HDD Connector Cable For MacBook Pro A1278 MB990 MC374 09,10
Item No. HVAE001 24 units
Apple New product 821-0814-A
€ 31,53
M.2 Adapter Cable for Lenovo ThinkPad P51S T570
Item No. HVIM008 21 units
Lenovo New product 01ER035
€ 30,65

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