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HD Cooling Fan for Intel NUC 7 Gen Series, Dell 4-pin BSB05505HP-SM *h*
Item No. CFDL198 35 units
Generic / OEM HD Intel NUC Dell 4-pin New product BSB05505HP-SM, BASA5508R5H P013
€ 15,61
HD Cooling Fan for Intel NUC 8 Gen Series, BSC0805HA-00 *h*
Item No. CFDL189 >50 units
Generic / OEM "HD Intel NUC NUC8i7BEH M.2+SATA3 BAZB0808R5H " New product BSC0805HA-00 , BAZB0808R5H
€ 28,44
*EOL* Cas Fan for Dell Optiplex 390 790 990 USFF Series K650T, 5pin Pulled
Item No. SPD-CF-DL016 23 units
Dell "Cas Fan for Dell Optiplex 390 790 990 USFF series GM1206PKVX-A, 4wire 5pin Pulled" System pull K650T , 0K650T , GM1206PKVX-A
€ 2,36
Notebook CPU Fan for HP Pavilion 15-CS 15-CS0000 15-CW Series, L25584-001
Item No. CFHQ290 13 units
Generic / OEM "HP Pavilion 15-CS without Heatsink NS85B00-17K24 Refer CFHQ249 with heatsink " New product L25584-001, L25588-001, NS85B00-17K24
€ 17,55
Desktop CPU Fan for HP EliteDesk 800 G4 DM Series, L19561-001
Item No. PCP-CFHQ003 21 units
OEM Cooler Fan for HP 400 600 800 G4 DM L19561-001 New product L19561-001
€ 20,45
Notebook CPU Fan for HP 260 G1 G2 Series, 795307-001
Item No. CFHQ272 16 units
HP "HP 260 G1 EG60070S1-C100-S9A " New product EG60070S1-C100-S9A KSB06105HB-AI10, 795307-001 , 6033B0025301, KSB0405HB-AL72, 805300-001, KSB0505HA-C A01, 796307-001
€ 19,97
"OP=OP" Lenovo ThinkCentre M81 SFF CPU HeatSink with 4-Pin Fan 03T9512 Pulled
Item No. PCP-CFU-IM005 15 units
Lenovo "Lenovo ThinkCentre M81 SFF CPU Heatsink FRU: 03T9512 Pulled (almost new) " System pull 03T9512
€ 6,05
"OP=OP" Fan Module 435452-001 for HP Compaq 6300 8200 8300 Series Pulled
Item No. SPD-CF-HP027 14 units
HP "Cooler for HP Compaq 6300 8200 8300 Series HP Spare part: PV902512PSPF 435452-001 Pulled" New product PV902512PSPF , 435452-001
€ 6,05
Notebook CPU Fan for HP Pavilion 14-P 16-P 15-P 17-P Series, 773382-001
Item No. CFHQ206 13 units
Generic / OEM "for HP Pavilion 15-P 15-F 14-P 16-P 17-P, 7MM height CFHQ1498MM height CFHQ2056MM height " New product 773382-001, 767776-001, 763700-001, 765788-001, 764080-001, 767706-001, 767712-001, 773447-001, 767708-001, FB06008M05SPA-001, 47Y11TP003A, DFS200405040T FFDF, EG50060S1-C120-S9A, KSB0705HBA05, 773384-001, DFS531105MC0T FFBC, DFS200405030T FFD2
€ 15,13
Notebook CPU Fan for MSI MS-AA5E AIO PC, PLB08020B12H, 4pin
Item No. CFMS041 10 units
Generic / OEM "MSI MS-AA5E AIO PC Model fan: PLB08020b12h " New product PLB08020B12H, HA8020H12SB-Z
€ 26,50
Notebook CPU Fan for Acer Aspire A515 A715 Helios 300 G3 Series, With Back Cover
Item No. CFAC145 7 units
Generic / OEM "Acer Aspire A515-51 A715-72 DFS541105FC0T FJNI Same with CFAC154 " New product 23.GP4N2.001 , DC28000JSD0 , NS85B11, 13N1-01A0412, DFS541105FC0T FJNIDFS541105FC0T FJCL
€ 14,40
4020 Cas Fan for model MB40200V1-000C-F99, 5V 0.95W, 40*40*20mm
Item No. FAN-40205V3P 10 units
New product MB40200V1-000C-F99, 1608KL-01W-B5 MB40200V1-000U-F99,
€ 6,05

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