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90W Gebruikt used Original adapter Presario 900 Series (19V 4.74A 4.8X1.7mm Bullet-tip)

Item No. ORHP190474H48OU
€ 24,50
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Brand / Manufacturer HP
Wattage 75W ~ 99W
Voltage 18V ~ 19.9V
Ampere 4.0A ~ 4.9A
Connector 4.8 x 1.7 mm
Details 90W used Original adapter for HP Compaq Presario 900 Series (19V 4.74A 4.8X1.7mm Bullet-tip)
Condition Used product
Garantietermijn 1 Year Carry-In
Description "Originele used Adapter 19V X 4.74A 90W Connector 4.8mmX1.7mm Bullet-tip (refer to the picture) Replace HP/COMPAQ Part Number 391173-001,393945-001, PPP009H, 324815-001, 239428-002, 239428-001, 239705-001, 287515-001, 310744-002, PPP014S, PPP012H, PPP012L, PA-1900-05C1, PPP014L, 286755-001, 394224-001, ACCOM-C16, HP-OL091B13,PA-1900-08H2,609937-001, 393954-001 Compatible with HP Pavilion DV1000 , DV1010 , DV1100 , DV1130 Series HP Pavilion DV2000 , DV2100 , DV2200 , DV2300 , DV2400 , DV2500 , DV2600 , DV2700 Series HP Pavilion DV6000 , DV6100 , DV6200 , DV6300 , DV6400 , DV6500 , DV6600 , DV6700Series HP Pavilion DV8000 , DV8100 , DV8200 , DV8300 , DV8400 Series HP Pavilion DV9000 , DV9100 , DV9200 , DV9300 , DV9400 , DV9500 , DV9600 , DV9700 Series HP Pavilion ZT3000 / ZT3200 / ZT3300 / ZT3400 Series Compaq Presario 900 Series 900, 900US, 905, 905US, 910, 910US, 912, 912RSH, 918, 918RSH, 920, 920US... Compaq Presario 1500 Series 1500 1500T 1500US 1501 1501CL 1505, 1510, 1510CA, 1510US, 1516 1516US, 1520, 1520CA 1520US, 1525, 1525CA 1525US ... Compaq Presario 2200 Series 2204US, V2000, V2030US, V2010US, V2100 ... Compaq Presario 2800 Series Compaq Presario X1000 , X1200 , X1300 , X1400 , X1500 Series Compaq Presario M2000 Series Compaq Presario V2000 , V2100 , V2200 , V2300 , V2400 , V2500 , V2600 , V3000 , V4000 , V5000 , V6000 Series Compaq EVO N100 Series N110, N150, Compaq EVO N200 Series N200, Compaq EVO N400 Series N400c, N410c, Compaq EVO N600 Series N600, N600c, N610, N610c, N620c, Compaq EVO N800 Series N800, N800c, N800v, N800w Compaq EVO N1000 Series N1000, N1000C, N1000V, N1005V, N1015, N1015v, N1020, N1020v, N1050, N1050v, HP Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 , TC1100 , TC4200 Compaq Armada 110, Compaq Armada E300, E500, E500s, E700, Compaq Armada M300, M700, Compaq Armada V300 HP Compaq Business Notebook Series nc4000, nc4010, nc4200, nc6000, nc6100, nx6100, nc6105, nx6105, nc6110, nc6115, nc6120, nc6220, nc7200, nc8000, nc8230 nx5000, nx5100, nx6110, nx6115, nx7000, nx7100, nx7200, nx4800, nw8000 HP Compaq nc8230 Notebook PC HP Compaq nx8220 Notebook PC HP Compaq nw8240 Mobile Workstation HP Compaq 6820s Notebook PC HP Compaq 6520s Notebook PC "
Partnumber HP-AP091F13P, A090A037L
Applicable for HP
Product Family Laptop

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