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Return / RMA policy

The warranty period may differ per product or group, depending on the condition of the product (used, refurbished, pulled or new). You can find the warranty period for your product(s) on the product detail page. If this is not the case, please contact us.

Before you send a warranty claim please refer to the product detail page to check if your product(s) are still valid for warranty.

How does the RMA procedure work?
In order to optimally assist you we ask you to keep the following in mind for returning defective items:
  • Check whether the product is valid for warranty, this can vary depending on the type of product, more information about the warranty period can be found in the product description or on our website or in your account information panel.
  • Wrongly ordered items must be returned within 14 days provided that they are unused, undamaged and in the original packaging. They must also be in the same condition as you received them from us. The packaging must not be damaged or provided with stickers, nor may it be written on.
  • Pack the goods properly to prevent transport damage by using the original packaging.
  • Incorrectly delivered products can be collected in consultation with us ( The above rule regarding packaging also applies here, as the delivery person has no packaging with them.
RMA Step-by-Step
Step 1: Download the RMA form, fill in the details and print it. (Alternatively, there's also a Dutch version)
Step 2: Send the filled in RMA form to to request an RMA number.
Step 3: Pack the products (including the RMA form) in the original packaging.
Step 4: Send the products to:
Topmedia B.V. (RMA Department)
Nijverheidsweg-Noord 81
3812 PL, Amersfoort
The Netherlands
If all of the above steps are properly followed we will be able to swiftly handle your RMA request, if you have any questions regarding the procedure or the status of a returned item(s) please take contact with our RMA department directly:

Thank you for your cooperation,

Topmedia, RMA Department

RMA Number
For correctly resolving RMA requests, we utilize RMA numbers. These numbers are unique and mandatory in order to submit a request and/or return goods to us. You can request this number by sending a filled in RMA form to, after which you can fill it in on the RMA request form and the shipping label(s).

Be advised that not having a RMA number prior to returning goods to us is not recommended, as this may slow down your RMA request or it may even get denied altogether.

RMA Shipping Labels
In addition to the RMA form, we also have RMA shipping labels available that you can add to your shipment. These are optional yet useful to add due to the inclusion of the RMA number.

Download (EN) | Download (NL)

Important: these shipping labels are not paid, you'll still have to add the mandatory shipping label from your chosen delivery service.

Return Period
We use a return period of 14 days for products that are unnecessarily or incorrectly ordered.

After this period, your products will not be processed.

LCD/LED Displays
We offer a 30-day pixel warranty on displays marked as A-Grade.

Other displays do not have a pixel warranty.

General RMA / Return conditions
When we accept your RMA, the full cost of the product will be credited to your account. However, this excludes already paid shipping costs. In addition, any additional shipping costs made by returning the product to us are covered by the buyer.

In case of physical damage to the product, the warranty will be void.

Damage / shortage notification
A damage and/or defect notification must be sent to us within 48 hours after delivery.

If this is not done, reimbursement or replacement of damaged products can be excluded.


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